CPC Code of Conduct (Revised September 2019, Reviewed May 2022):

Attending a Parish Council Meeting (Updated March 2022)

CPC Standing Orders (Updated September 2020, Adopted April 2021, Reviewed May 2022):


CPC Financial Regulations (2019) (Reviewed May 2022):

CPC Asset Register (Reviewed May 2022):

Cherington Parish Council Publication Policy:
This lists the information available on the Parish Council’s operation and how it can be found. Reviewed 2019.

Gloucestershire Archives Document Retention Guidance:


The Parish Council has a contract with Parish Council Websites for the provision and hosting of its website.
The initial set up cost £530, with an annual hosting charge of £120 paid in advance every April.

The Parish Council has a 4 year contract in place with Cardiac Science for provision and support for a defibrillator, costing £1620 + VAT in November 2018 and covering its insurance and one replacement.

The Parish Council manages the rental of the car park, ensuring annual rent payment, insurance and maintenance.

Grants Received:

The Parish Council received a grant of £1067 from GAPTC in FY2016-17, for the establishment and hosting of a website. After initial costs, the residual grant will be held in reserve to pay for hosting in subsequent years.

The Parish Council received a grant of £625 from Cotswold District Council in September 2018 for a defibrillator.

Data Protection:

GDPR came into force in May 2018. The council undertakes to comply with this legislation. The documents were approved in 2018 and updated and/or reviewed in 2019 and 2020. Enquiries should be directed to the Parish Clerk in the first instance.

Data Privacy Notices:

Data Privacy Policy: