Cherington Parish Council Code of Conduct (Reviewed 10 September 2019):

Cherington  Parish Council Standing Orders (Reviewed 10 September 2019):

Cherington Parish Council Financial Regulations (2012) (Reviewed 10 September 2019):

Asset Register (Reviewed 13 December 2019):

Cherington Parish Council Publication Policy:
This lists the information available on the Parish Council’s operation and how it can be found. Reviewed 2019.

Gloucestershire Archives Document Retention Guidance:


The Parish Council has a contract with Parish Council Websites for the provision and hosting of its website.
The initial set up cost £530, with an annual hosting charge of £120 paid in advance every April.

The Parish Council has a 4 year contract in place with Cardiac Science for provision and support for a defibrillator, costing £1620 + VAT in November 2018 and covering its insurance and one replacement.

The Parish Council manages the rental of the car park, ensuring annual rent payment, insurance and maintenance.

Grants Received:

The Parish Council received a grant of £1067 from GAPTC in FY2016-17, for the establishment and hosting of a website. After initial costs, the residual grant will be held in reserve to pay for hosting in subsequent years.

The Parish Council received a grant of £625 from Cotswold District Council in September 2018 for a defibrillator.

Data Protection:

GDPR came into force in May 2018. The council undertakes to comply with this legislation. The documents were approved in 2018. Enquiries should be directed to the Parish Clerk in the first instance.

Data Privacy Notices:

Data Privacy Policy: