The defibrillator has to be checked regularly to ensure that it is in working order.


  1. Open the door and check there is a green disc showing
  2. If it is not, there is a problem. Please contact Cllr Gegg first (or the Parish Clerk secondly)
  3. If things are fine, please initial the check sheet to show that the check has been done

Monthly (Done by Cllr Gegg at the moment):

  1. Submit the report using the Defibrillator Accreditation Scheme Monthly Report online form at the bottom of  South West Ambulance Service  Log
  2. Record the date on the the check sheet to show that the report has been submitted
  3. Required details are:
  • Owner: Cherington Parish Council
  • Caretaker: Kate Gegg
  • Phone Number: 01453 834805 
  • Postcode: GL8 8SN
  • Email:

The pads must be renewed when they have been used or when they expire.
The expiry date is shown on the defibrillator.

Supplementary information:

Defibrillator type: G5S-02A Powerheart G5
Purchased: October 2018