Cotswold District Council needs Volunteers to become Fly Tipping Guardians

Cotswold District Council is recruiting ‘Fly-tipping Guardians’ to support their bid to reduce environmental crime. 

CDC Press Release:

Fly-tipping is the dumping of waste illegally which continues to be a problem in our rural district. Fly-tipping not only causes significant blight to our beautiful countryside but it can be very harmful to the environment and those animals who live in it.

Kev Lea, Enviro-Crimes Programmes Officer, said, “The role of a Guardian is to support our work in fly-tipping hotspots. Being a Guardian can take as much or as little of your time as suits you!

“I already have a few Guardians helping in some towns and villages, and their work has been invaluable so far! However, to reduce fly-tipping further, we need more Guardians across the whole district.

“If you care about protecting our environment and would like to support the Council in our fight against fly-tippers, please do get in touch!”

Sharon, Cirencester Guardian, “We all have a duty to look after our countryside, so when I was asked to be a Fly-tip Guardian, I felt I could make a difference while walking my dog.

Suzy, Bledington Guardian, “I got involved after regular fly-tipping on a particular country lane where I ride my horse. “Not only was this rubbish (glass in most cases) unsightly but also a danger to wildlife and my horse.”

Wendy, Chedworth Guardian, “Fly-tipping destroys habitats for humans as well as other animals. Anything I can do to discourage this very selfish behaviour is, I feel worthwhile…”

Tracey, Ampney St Mary Guardian, “Having been a regular litter picker in my local area, it became obvious, that sadly fly-tipping is another common occurrence. So, when I was asked to become a Fly-tip Guardian, I was keen to help.   “Now, whilst out litter picking, I monitor hot spot areas and in a small way, I feel I am supporting the Cotswold District Council in fighting this preventable anti-social behaviour.”

If you are interested in becoming a ‘Fly-tipping Guardian’, please email Kev at 

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