Cotswold District Council is updating parts of the Local Plan

Cotswold District Council is updating parts of the Local Plan. The Consultation on the changes runs from 1st February to 24 March 2024.

Cotswold District Council (CDC) is updating its adopted Local Plan to make it “Green to the Core”. The adopted Local Plan covers a period from 2011 to 2031. At the same time, the council is also considering development needs up to 2041 and options for how these may be delivered.

Councillor Juliet Layton, Cabinet Member for Planning and Regulatory Services at CDC writes:

“As the planning authority we are legally bound to plan development and the infrastructure to support it. If we don’t take control the development industry will do it for us, and this means far less say in the type and location of development and infrastructure. Taking part in this and future consultations means that residents get a say in where that development goes and what it should contain.

This current consultation is a Local Plan Regulation 18 consultation, which means it is an early-stage consultation. The next stage will present a draft plan that the council intends to submit to the government’s Planning Inspectorate for Public Examination. It builds on responses we received in 2022 to the ‘Issues and Options’ consultation and also responds to changes in national guidance and new studies and appraisals undertaken to inform the Local Plan Update.

This consultation has three important elements, including proposed locations for future growth. We need to deliver 7,400 new homes over the next 15 years. This sounds like a lot, but we have already granted permission for a good number of these homes, however, we estimate that land needs to be identified for a further 3,300 homes.

The consultation consists of:
• updated Local Plan policies;
• A vision, objectives and development strategy topic paper that starts the process of how the council addresses development needs to 2041;
• A Call for Sites that invites people to indicate available land that can deliver development needs up to 2041. This can include land for housing, employment, renewable energy, green spaces, nature, etc.
• An ‘initial ideas’ consultation document that starts the process for developing a Framework Masterplan for Cirencester Town Centre.

I must stress, however, that we are at the very beginning of the process, and nothing has yet been decided.

We would appreciate your support in helping to make this consultation a success by sharing the information in your local communities and businesses.

I urge all residents to take part in this important consultation and help to shape the future”.

If you have any queries, please contact the Forward Planning Team at Cotswold District Council on Tel: 01285 623000 or email: